Nereson Detail

Nereson also has an auto detail shop! We offer everything from a full detailed complete to a simple wash for your vehicle. We also offer pinstriping and graphics to make your vehicle look awesome! Look below to see our list of services and prices!

List of services

Wash, Vacuum, Windows

Our wash, vacuum, windows includes a throughly exterior scrub, vacuum, and a wipe down of the windows.

Wash and Wax

Our wash and wax service includes an exterior wash, and a wax that helps keep the outside looking clean!

Complete interior

Our complete interior service makes the inside of your vehicle look new by a shampoo of the carpet, wipedown of the plastic and leather seats, and a window wipedown!

Full Complete

Our complete detail makes your car look spectacular just like new. First we start off by washing and cleaning the door jams, tires, and rims. Then we give it a buff and wax which will get rid of minor scratches making ur paint look stunning. We then give it a complete interior detail which we shampoo the carpet, clean the plastic, and wipe down your windows making the inside look grand!

Windshield Chip Repair

Our windshield chip repair service will remove the chip in your windshield to help keep it from spreading.

Xzilon Protection Package

Our Xzilon protection package protects the paint of your car from, bird droppings, industrial fallout, water spotting, rust spots, acid rain, and tree sap. It also resists oxidation and fading of the paint, and reduces the frequency of car washing. There is also an interior protectant that protects the carpet, vinyl, and leather. Click here for more information about the product.

Detail Shop Rates
Wash outside only$30.00$40.00
Wash and Vacuum$45.00$60.00
Wash, Vacuum, Windows$65.00$80.00
Wash and Wax only$90.00$125.00
Wash,vacuum,windows, hand wax$150.00$180.00
Complete Interior(no outside)$275.00$300.00
Complete, inside and out, buff and hand wax$325.00$375.00
Misc Services(Spot dye carpet, Spot shampoo, Touch up undercoating, Buff scuff marks)$50 each$50 each